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Corey Poirier and friends launch the fifth book of its series:

Business, Life and the Universe.


The 30+ authors who have shared their messages and stories in this book have bared their souls, in hopes to inspire you to live the life you were destined and designed to live. The authors have been so generous with their wisdom and hearts and if you let it, this book has the power to transform your life.


  • Multiple authors have been invited by Corey to share their stories in volume 5 of the bLU Talks book series. Imagine, Chicken Soup for the Soul combined with TEDx - that's what this book is all about. In this book these authors share their life stories relating to either their business, life or universe.

    These are true life stories of people who have lived through their journeys to make a difference to others. The authors in this series each have a story to tell, lessons to teach the people in this universe. Their stories will impact and inspire you in ways you never thought possible.

    The authors are:
    Anita Kelder
    Stacy-Lyn Corlett
    C. Eric Collier
    Dr. Arayeh Norouzi
    Jeffrey Saunders
    Jenny Po Wah Yu
    Joey Kasz
    Karisha Desai
    Lorephil Toledo
    Dr. Nicole S. Mason
    Michele Bischof
    Nicole Dauz
    Rosalyn Fung
    Sara Roach Lewis
    Sarah J. Saporsantos
    Scott McDermott
    Sheetal Kurup
    Stephanie Dixon
    Sylvia Verange
    Teresa Greco
    Tony LaPrino
    Vania Clark Butler
    Candace McKim
    Aurora Light
    Carey Harlan
    Keira Schindel

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