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International Keynote Speaker
Mental Quicksand Expert

Also known as

"The Mayor of Motivation"

  • International Keynote Speaker

  • 2x Intl Bestselling co-Author

  • Army & Navy Veteran

  • Mentor

Eric Collier is an energetic speaker with a passion for connecting and motivating others to take the actions needed to overcome being stuck and sinking in "Mental Quicksand."


Using his life story and life experiences Eric motivates with a message that “The Greatness You Seek Comes from Within.” He believes that our greatness represents a strong inner power that is uncovered through a positive self-connection.

Eric believes that a positive and determined mindset provides the opportunity for you to be the hero of your own story. His life mantra, “I Just Keep Pushing because no one will do it for me,” derives from overcoming life experiences that could have rendered him just another of life’s statistics.

Trained by the “Great Les Brown” Eric has shared the bill with "The Godfather of Motivation" Les Brown, High-Performance Coach Jon Talarico, and TEDx Expert Corey Poirier. He has collaborated on global projects such as "International Best-Seller" Business, Life, and the Universe Vol. 5, ONE Let’s Connect, and upcoming books Hunger For The Hustle and Determination Determines Destination. He is also a contributing writer for Modern Warrior Magazine.

His motivating message has been shared on various platforms such as: "Les Brown's Power Voice Summit V" (live: FB, Youtube, IG), "2021 HR Florida Conference & Expo", "Find Your Voice Summit I" (live FB 2.5k viewers) and "Rise From Mediocrity." He's appeared on Trinidad & Tobago’s "NOW" Morning Show, the Rise to Greater Heights Network, and Leadership and Personal Development Podcasts.

Eric lives in the Washington DC area with his family and you may find him mentoring high school students and career professionals. Connect with Eric online at

"I am a strong believer in the fact that we all have the capacity to elevate our lives and accomplish great things, but to do so we must be able to free ourselves when stuck in mental quicksand."

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Jon Talarico.png

Jon Talarico, CEO

Eric Collier is a man on a mission.  He is changing the world through his words and his actions.  If you get a chance to work with him, make sure you take advantage of it immediately.  He will change your life.


Jon Talarico

The Million in You Lifestyle
CEO, The Million In You, LLC


Fuson Rynart

“Eric is amazing, full of knowledge, experience, motivation, and inspiration to push people to their greatness.  He will be an amazing person to work with.”

Fusun Rynart

Speaker | Coach | Author

Life Healing Academy

Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands


Zainab Alrashdan

“Eric is the person who will help take you to the next level. If you are having challenges and looking for someone to help you achieve your goals, I recommend Eric Collier.”

Zainab Alrashdan

E-Commerce Consultant | Speaker



"During the NBCFAE 2022 Annual Training Conference "The Future is Now", the general session on "Game Changing Momentum Shift Is in Your Future" was very well received by the Coalition's attendees.  Your interaction with keeping the audience's attention was a great part of your presentation.  NBCFAE appreciates your flexibility as we were judging with the time.  Thank you so much for being a part of our annual training conference."

Tamara Smith, NBCFAE Chairperson

Education, Recruitment, and Training

"It was such a pleasure to work with Eric. he is a very skillful and knowledgeable speaker and coach. Eric helps me to frame and script my branded talk for Blu talk in Miami. He provides insight and clear direction about steps to follow. I highly recommend if you need help structuring your talk, reach out to Eric. Thank you Eric!"

Dilyana Mileva, Sleep Expert

Menopause Coach, Yoga Teacher,

Host of Menopause Made Easy,

International Speaker

"C. Eric Collier is an outstanding facilitator and speaker! I had the pleasure of seeing him present at the HR Florida Annual Conference and Expo. He was engaging and thought provoking. C. Eric leaves his audience better than when they first meet him. I would highly recommend him for your next event!"

Tanya Vaughn-Patterson

Sr Mgr Talent Management

Otis Elevator Company

“Eric has an exceptional message that will get you started on your goals and take you from start to finish.  His message that reminds you to, “Keep Pushing,” is one that will get you on track and closer to the vision that you have in mind for yourself.”

Michelle Borel

Award Winning Author, Speaker, Marketer

Trinidad Tobago

I am so proud to endorse Eric Collier and his work! Eric’s commitment to sharing with others is so genuine and is born out of commitment to chasing his dreams. That commitment was built upon courage and some hard-fought lessons learned.


He never stops, he never slows down, and he always has gas remaining in the tank to take others with him…..from where they are stuck, to where they want to be. People say “rise and grind” who have never seen the sun come up because they are sleeping in, not Eric! He does whatever it takes and is up before the sun every day – literally.


Eric epitomizes leadership, and leadership with a servant’s heart. I saw this up close when I started a project to help new and junior employees be more comfortable speaking in public. I canvassed the organization to see who was good at public speaking and who would be willing to make time for this mentoring. Time and again, one name came up – Eric Collier.

Trish Martinelli, Executive Director

Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 


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