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C. Eric Collier's mission is to motivate individuals to take the actions needed to uncover their personal greatness.  That mission includes collaborating on global projects to share his motivational expertise.

As a motivational speaker, leadership coach, and proud veteran, C. Eric Collier has made a significant impact on individuals worldwide. With a passion for inspiring transformation and empowering others to unlock their full potential, C. Eric Collier has co-authored four impactful books, three of which have achieved international best-seller status.

These collaborative works reflect C. Eric Collier's depth of expertise in personal leadership development, personal growth, and resilience, offering readers valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspirational stories to navigate life's challenges and achieve extraordinary success.

C. Eric Collier's contributions to these acclaimed publications demonstrate his commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Whether speaking on stage, coaching clients, or hosting engaging conversations on C. Eric Collier's popular podcast, The Momentum Shift Podcast and Radio Show, his wisdom, experience, and passion for transformation shine through, inspiring audiences around the globe to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and create lasting momentum shifts in their lives.

Discover the transformative power of C. Eric Collier's insights and join the thousands who have been inspired to turn the impossible into possible through the empowering words and impactful contributions to these international best-selling books.

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